Good morning, Chicago (thoughts about stuff)

Blogging from the Brown Line at Western, numbed fingers fumbling their way around my Blackberry keypad.

Forecast calls for pain:
Last winter in Chicago was a loyalty-tester. Relentlessly miserable with alternating pummelings of snow and ball-hibernating cold, the season was a joyless, stay-at-home block of time that didn’t properly end until April.

…And here we go again, staring at our first sub-zero high temperature since 1996 and a record amount of snow for the season. My morale for the week is crushed, with my spirits for the next two months soon to follow.

My friend Phil sent me a flurry of last-minute texts last night, imploring me to lift the “24” embargo off my house. Having been burned so completely by the last season, I just can’t put myself through another day with Jack Bauer (though never say never, I did DVR it).

Operation: Music Digitization:
The slowest process known to man continues. Some newer discoveries and observations:
Amon Amarth-Viking metal is never as good as it should be. I know I doth speak blasphemy, though it has to be said. So say we all!

B-52s-First album. Wild Planet. Cosmic Thing. Everything else must go (Good Stuff, anyone?).

Babys-“Isn’t it Time” may well be the best pop song ever.

Auteurs-One of my favorite never-quite-made it British bands of the 90s. Playing “Chinese Bakery” yesterday was a great nostalgia trip.

Getting thinner by the day as that industry continues to struggle against the economy and the internet. The new Blender looks like a brochure.

Speaking of Blender:
The Fall Out Boy article was eye-opening. The question I was left with was whether the author had an axe to grind with the band, or if Pete Wentz really is that much of a load.

At Sedgwick now, Alice Cooper “Elected” just came on the iPod. Shut it down…

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