Create this playlist: Blago Post-Mortem

With Rod now enjoying the private sector and praying to sweetbabyJesus that he doesn’t go to jail, the time’s right to bedazzle your iTunes with a Blagojevich playlist:

1. Pavement “Cut Your Hair”
2. Talking Heads “Don’t Worry About the Government”

3. Rush “The Big Money”
4. Alice Cooper “Elected”

5. Korn “Politics”
6. Eleventh Dream Day “Testify”

7. Rockwell “Somebody’s Watching Me”
8. Sunset Rubdown and Spencer Krug “They Took a Vote and Said No”
9. James McMurtry “The Governor”
10.  Tom Petty “The Criminal Kind”
11.  Cream “Politician”
12.  Smoking Popes “Brand New Hairstyle”
To view this playlist as an iMix in iTunes, click the link below.  Note that, for whatever reason, Rush and Smoking Popes don’t appear in the published version of my iMix.
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