Inusult, have you met injury?

Friday was a suckfest . The events of that day behind me, I walked into yesterday with the type of optimism that comes with a wide-open, unscheduled weekend.

When I first walked into my kitchen to make breakfast, I noticed that the refrigerator was making an odd clicking sound, a sound which persisted throughout the day. Fast forward to 10 p.m. I was on my couch watching Battlestar Galactica S4/D4 and decided to grab a frozen fudge bar. I pulled the individually-sealed treat from the box and noticed that it felt like a water balloon. I couldn’t figure out which end was the “stick” end. “Oh no,” I said as awareness kicked in. “It’s melted.” Reopening the freezer confirmed my fear–it was at room temperature. I opened the refigerator door and learned that the refrigerator wasn’t refrigerating either.

Eggs, milk, meat, yogurt, cheese, homemade soup, ice cream, frozen dinners…an estimated $250 worth of groceries…lost.

The fridge came with my house and was old and not in great shape when I first moved in. For one, the door is missing a handle. I knew bigger problems were on the way when I found out that the replacement handle I needed had been long since out of production .

I didn’t think I could get another five years out of the fridge, but I just wasn’t ready to replace it today. 90 minutes from now, I’ll be walking through the front door of Abt in an attempt to find something cheap (with a handle) that can be delivered in the immediate future.

Given the way the week’s been going, it’s only a matter of time before I step on a rake.

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