The List revived / The List: Alice Cooper

A couple years back, I was temporarily moved into morning drive at Q101 for a three-month stint.

In moving me there, my Program Director at the time said that I should come up with a “music-intensive” feature that I’d enjoy hosting every day.  The other guideline I was given was that it shouldn’t run too obscure, and be palatable for a wide audience.  
I suggested “The List,” which was a modified version of a feature I had been running at the time in overnights called “Liner Notes.”  Liner Notes was a deep look at a specific theme, artist, or topic, and tended to run obscure and not-at-all-palatable for a wide audience.
My P.D. was obviously familiar with what I’d been doing with Liner Notes, because he referred to one of the least mass-appeal editions of the feature, a birthday tribute to Shakespeare.  I’d collected a handful of songs that referenced particular Shakespeare passages and writings, and ran them at 3 a.m.  The P.D. wanted assurances that I wouldn’t be going that “off the reservation” in morning drive.  The assurances were easy to make.  I’m well aware that a commuting audience only has so much tolerance for discussion on Macbeth.
After creating two playlists/iMixes recently:
I decided that the “List” concept worked beautifully for a blog.  I’m going to revive it, kinda, here. I’ll regularly post playlists with accompanying iMixes for the curious to explore.
Today, I offer up Alice Cooper.  I’ve been a fan since I was old enough to buy records (let’s say 8).  “The Coop” is a rock hero, one whose decades-spanning catalog is tough to distill into one list.  I’m happy with the end result, though.  Note that I sequenced the songs with flow in mind, though they all work beautifully a la carte.
For those new to Alice, start with the basics:  “School’s Out,” “Elected,” “I’m Eighteen.”  For those who want to go deeper, try “Who Do You Think We Are,” “Killer,” and “Dirty Diamonds.” 
Check The List out on iTunes:
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