The L.A. trip

(update 2/11/09)  Yes, I know I need to resize the images below.  I need Photoshop!


It was 3 below zero on Tuesday morning when I got into my car to leave for Midway.  By 2 p.m. Pacific time, it was 91 degrees and damn near Utopian in Los Angeles.

Regarding the Southwest experience, I’ve completely turned a corner regarding that airline.  The round trip flights were probably the easiest I’ve taken in the past year or so.  It didn’t hurt that both flights were half-full, leaving me with plenty of space to claim as my own.  Thanks, awful economy!

This trip was only the third I’ve made to L.A., and like the previous two, a quick 24-hour stop.  This time around, I felt like I saw and did more, and not coincidentally, enjoyed and appreciated the city more.

I had my fat Midwestern tourist moment when, while driving through a neighborhood just outside of Burbank, I saw Jennie Garth and the dude from “Twilight” walking their dog.  I also saw where Andy Garcia lives.  These things excite me; and yes, I know that makes me more shallow than I usually choose to admit.

The majority of my time in L.A. was business-related, but I did manage to make it to the rooftop pool of my hotel.  That being said, all I did when I was on the roof was take this picture:

I didn’t have time to capture the details of my visit on camera, despite my burning desire to snap the “Hollywood” sign and a tar pit or two.  All I managed to commit to the digital camera were the above pool shot and this otherwise-valueless shot of the NBC studio and some mountains:

I left L.A. wanting to go back to see and do more, and I’m not just saying that because I experienced a near-100 degree temperature swing in less than a day.

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