“Shuffle” analysis

I’m sitting on the brown line, listening to my iPod on shuffle. To pass the time, I thought I’d analyze some of the results before I hit the Kimball stop:

6:06 Adam Ant “Crackpot History And The Right To Lie”
I loved the “Friend or Foe” album when I was in junior high (go Spartans). Money laundering, sex in an elevator, this one’s got it all.

6:09 Califone “Vampiring Again”
Red Red Meat was a slow grower on me in the 90s, but once I cracked the “Jimmywine Majestic” and “Bunny Gets Paid” codes, I couldn’t get enough. Essentially RRMv2.0, Califone strikes a lot of the same chords with me. “Vampiring Again” may be one of my favorite songs of the decade so far.

6:14 Mad Caddies “S.O.S.”
What a cover…and as close as I ever get to ABBA. On that note, I look at renting “Mama Mia” as the Netflix equivalent of a voluntary neutering.

6:17 Donovan “Atlantis”
If not for this song, Spinal Tap could not have conceived the opening to “Stonehenge.”. Total hippy cheese, but charming in a way. Donovan will always get bonus points from me for appearing on the legendary Alice Cooper track “Billion Dollar Babies.”

6:22 Cheap Trick “Baby Loves To Rock”
“More and more, I’ve been thinking about s…s…s…”
This and “She’s Tight” are two of my favorite Cheap Trick songs from the 80s, as well as two of my favorite Cheap Trick songs about sex.

….and here I am at Kedzie. Time to pack it up and face the wet snow that timed its arrival for rush hour.

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