I killed my Twitter account this morning. After playing around with it for a month or so, I realized that there’s no status update I can offer that’d be worth reading by anyone other than my mom. Here’s what you would’ve missed over the next month, had I kept the account:

-At Target, buying paper towels.
-Watching Season 3 of “The Office” on DVD.
-On the el again.
-Eating a grilled cheese sandwich. Shoulda used butter instead of Smart Balance.
-Hoping the next episode of BSG is better than last week’s snorefest.
-Convincing a friend that “Exit Stage Left” is the best of all the live Rush albums.
-Hanging out with family.
-Drinking coffee.


I guess the problem I have with putting myself on social media platforms is that there are some things not worth socializing.

What am I doing now? Riding the brown line, on my way to work.

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