What has two thumbs and is the last person to get on “The Office” bandwagon?

This guy.

Two months ago, I followed through on a commitment I’d made to all my friends whose opinions I trust: I started watching “The Office.”

I’ve been surrendering my free nights to the show, watching the episodes in sequential order by means of the DVD sets. I’m halfway through the third season now, just past the office mergers and “Diwali.” 

I never followed the reviews and criticism of “The Office” up until now.  I can only assume that whatever I have to say about it has already been said, and said better than I could.  So rather than offer up a loving critique of the show, I thought I’d share my new most-visited website: The Office Quotes.
From Season Two: (Michael Scott) “I’m not afraid of corporate. But you know what I am afraid of? Gettin’ a boner.”

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