Photographic evidence of my Atlanta trip

I walked around downtown Atlanta before my 10 a.m. meeting, and snapped a few pictures like a dork tourist.  Because I don’t see enough in Chicago, I took a picture of a very tall building:

And here’s something cool from Olympic Centennial Park (which is lovely, by the way):

Hey, look!  It’s the guy who invented Coca-Cola, as seen outside The World of Coke:

In the span of five minutes, I saw two different helicopters land on the roof of the W hotel.  Unlike the W’s guests, I had to take public transit to the Hilton (go, MARTA).

I even stood at the site of the dreaded Winecoff Fire:

I’m not sure what this place is, but it was arrestingly “old school” and out of place, standing in the heart of an area packed with giant glass business centers.  I want to believe that this is some sort of ages-old Southern social club where monied patriarchs of proud lineage gather to sip mint juleps and secretly run the local government.  Please don’t tell me if that’s not the case.

Back to Chicago tomorrow.   My foot travels in Atlanta are officially over, and I’m holed up for the night with a stack of graphic novels.  I know how to party when I’m on the road.

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