Site archive update and AVOISION dot com

My friend Felix helped me figure out how to import all my archives into this blog; I heart him. Though the data is now here, assigning categories to each post is going to take me some time.  

I’ve also started the process of manually copying and pasting the “lost” archives from my Zone days, 2004-2005.  I hope to have all that posted here within the next month or two.
Back to Felix, he’s been actively blogging since 2002.  His site,, is a voyeuristic delight.  With words, images, and video, he’s fearlessly documented everything he’s come into contact with–from the big, life-changing, stuff, to the easy-to-overlook minutia.  Stop by his site, marvel at the detail, and throw him a comment or two.  He’s the best.
Finally, in case you missed my just-posted interview with Chicago radio hero Bob Stroud, either scroll down or click here.  
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