And since we’ve no place to go…

Before I could drive over to the Kimball CTA terminal this morning, I had to take the ice scraper out of my trunk. My windows were iced over, complementing the modest snow which was clinging to the tree lawn next to my car.

Welcome to April in Chicago. After being teased with warm weather at the end of March, we’re facing today’s forecast (windy and cold, high of 35) with hats and gloves on, sour and petulant attitudes peeking out from under our scarves.

Not surprisingly, the White Sox home opener has been postponed until tomorrow, a perfectly logical move that has infuriated a handful of weatherproof fans. Before the decision was made official, WGN-TV interviewed a handful of Sox fans about how the cold, rain, and wind would impact their participation in the home opener. One said (paraphrasing here), “I’ll still go. I’ll probably be wearing short sleeves, too.” Grinder Rule #369: If it’s cold windy, and possibly snowy, don’t be an asshole. Dress appropriately.

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