More of the Most Metal Superheroes Ever

I opened up a can of worms this week.  It was obvious when I wrote it that my top 5 list was only a hint of the all the metal superheroes out there.  A few friends emailed me on the side or mentioned via text some of my more glaring omissions.  Here, then, is the sequel to the Top 5 Most Metal Superheroes ever:

1.  Daimon Hellstorm.  My friend Patrick–the most metal guy I know, who also happens to own the most awesome comic shop in Chicago–was quick to point out this no-brainer.  He wrote in an email today, “Huge pentagram tattoo, can summon Hellfire, and has the most metal aspect ever–his Dad’s the Devil!”
2.  Green Arrow. Green Arrow doesn’t fight crime.  He bowhunts it.
3.  Zatanna.  Round One of this idea left me with a toss-up between Zatanna and fellow sorcerer Doctor Strange.  Zatanna gets metal credit for looking like a Suicide Girl, her mastery of magic, and for having the stones to mindwipe Batman.  Most superheroes don’t have the courage to even look Batman in the eye; old girl done stole his memory.
4.  Iron Man.  There’s a Black Sabbath song of the same name (that admittedly has nothing to do with the Avenger).  Beyond that, though, Tony Stark has never met a cocktail, party, or cocktail party he didn’t like.  Party on, Shellhead.
5. Etrigan the Demon.  He’s on a first-name basis with Merlin and has fought Morgaine le Fay.  Take that, Kamelot!  He’s also lived for centuries bonded to a man whose last name is Blood, which reminds me of the Hammerfall song “Blood Bound.”
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