Mobile, Alabama in pictures

Business travel, by definition, doesn’t usually allow for the opportunity to go into tourist or sightseeing mode.  

In my case, meetings, preparation for meetings, and catching up on things I missed while in the air or on the road usually finds me in my hotel during the few hours I have to myself.  When possible, though, I try to find a few minutes–if not an hour or two–to explore.
I backtimed 45 minutes to explore Mobile before my meeting earlier this week.  Here’s what I saw:
Mobile Bay is home to lots of ships, the Coast Guard, and big, intimidating, Transformers-looking stuff like this:
From the same area where I snapped a Decepticon, I took a glare-diminished shot of a battleship:
The Antebellum mansions and homes I saw up and down Government Street were stunning.  There’s an unbelievable amount of heritage in Mobile, as made obvious by the amount of historical plaques I saw in front of various homes and buildings.
A few blocks from my hotel was “Oakleigh,”  an Alabama landmark better explained by this plaque:
Here’s the home itself.  Apparently, this is quite a tourist attraction, with special tour bus parking and dozens of signs and directional markers leading the way to it.
Across the street from my hotel, the most unexpectedly nice Holiday Inn ever, was the very first public school in the state of Alabama.  Here’s further explanation:
And here’s the school:
Finally, here’s an Antebellum mansion I liked, found only a block or two away from my Tuesday meeting.  There was a plaque in front of the home, but I was across the street and couldn’t read it:
Add to these images the fact that I had sweet tea for the first time in my life, and I’ve got to say this trip was a success all around.  I’d happily return to Mobile. 
Next stop on my world tour:  A return to Atlanta, Georgia!
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