Wii Fit

I got Wii Fit exactly one month ago. The night I got it, I let the game mock my BMI and inflate my Mii to a more humiliating girth.  After that, I tucked the Wii Fit’s Balance Board behind my desk and completely ignored the new purchase.

Two nights ago, I slid the Balance Board out and moved it in front of the T.V. Then I proceeded to work out as only we who live in the 21st century can–with a digital trainer and a “virtual” jogging path laid out in front of me.

I thought it was a riot. I shamed myself on the hula hoop and soccer ball headers, but I rocked the running (in place) and step challenges.

As fun as it was, I never once believed that I was getting an actual workout. Regardless, I planted myself in front of Wii Fit again last night. I ran. I stepped. I tried to maintain my balance in the yoga exercises. And after 40 minutes of activity, I put the Balance Board back behind the desk.

Unlike the day before, I was sore today. Upper arms. Calves. Sides. I realize that probably says more about my level of fitness than it does Wii Fit, but it deserves noting.

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