STAR TREK (The List)

“Star Trek” has boldly returned to the top of the pop culture heap with yesterday’s theatrical reboot of the classic, Kirk-led, crew.

I’ve always enjoyed the “Trek” universe, and count “First Contact” among one of my favorite sci-fi films of all time.  I also can’t say enough good things about “The Next Generation,” Peter David’s novelizations, and the later years of “Deep Space Nine.”  
It’s hard for the original series to not look cheesy and dated in 2009.  The characters are classic, though, and wholly deserving of getting a fresh start for a 21st century audience.
Here’s a list of “Trek” inspired and related songs that includes trainwreck favorites performed by Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner, a modern-day collaboration between Shatner and Ben Folds (Fear of Pop), and my all-time favorite Nerf Herder song, “Mr. Spock.”
Beam some of these songs into your iPod:
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