On-the-go shuffle analysis: the return trip home

I’m taking the Red Line to Belmont, where I’ll transfer to the Brown Line. The Red Line seats look new, but the car smells like urine. Chicago: Candidate City, 2016.

Here goes…

6:00. Foo Fighters “New Way Home”
“New Way Home” helped build the foundation for the now-standard (if not cliche) Foo Fighters formula. Can’t get enough of the big, anticipatory, whisper-to-a-scream, build-up and the song’s balance of rawness and polish.

6:06. Anthrax “Caught in a Mosh”

The John Bush version. Live, and here on “Greater of Two Evils,” Bush’s voice delivered a much more satisfying version of the Anthrax classic made popular with Joey Belladonna on the mic.

6:11. Fine Young Cannibals “Good Thing”
Gotta deselect this one before my next iPod sync. Skip…

6:12. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club “Love Burns”
The poor man’s Jesus and Mary Chain. Because the rich man’s Jesus and Mary Chain stopped being interesting in 1987.

6:16. David Bowie “Big Brother”
David Bowie has three albums I can listen to over and over until I die: “Station to Station,” “Scary Monsters,” and “Diamond Dogs.” From “Diamond Dogs,” an album originally intended to be a “1984” concept album, comes this Orwell-inspired hidden gem.

6:20. Christina Aguilera “Ain’t No Other Man”
What makes this type of blogging effective is honest, full disclosure. That out of the way…Skip.

6:22. Robert Plant “Heaven Knows”
I’ve been spending a lot of time revisiting Plant’s solo catalog, from “Pictures at Eleven” and “Far Post” on through the Allison Krauss duet. Of all the singles released post-Zep, none were as good as this. An appropriately soaring track with strong backing vocals that never distract from the Golden God.

6:26. Roxy Music “To Turn You On”

Only Bryan Ferry could make desperation sound sexy. One of many reasons “Avalon” remains one of the all-time great make out albums of the Po-Mo era.

6:30. A Monologue by Fozzie Bear

From a Muppet Show album. Cornball humor that makes me laugh whenever it pops up in non-sequitir fashion…like now, for instance. Good grief, the comedian’s a bear.

6:32. I’m at Kedzie…that’s it for this monkey.

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