On-the-go shuffle analysis

I’m on the Brown Line headed downtown. To kill time, I thought that I’d again analyze what pops up in my iPod as it happens…

7:25 Blue Oyster Cult “Goin’ Through the Motions”
I’ve always been more kind to this band than their catalog actually warrants (“Godzilla,” really?).  I especially enjoy this otherwise-innocuous, hand clap-filled, song.

7:29 The Church “Essence”
I have few memories of the free WXRT show with the Church at Navy Pier that coincided with the release of “Gold Afternoon Fix.” Leave it at the fact that I was young, dumb, and threw up in a few trash cans that night. Great song from a spotty album.

7:34 LL Cool J “Mama Said Knock You Out”
I was temporarily living in San Diego when this song crested, and my lasting memories of it involve seeing the video in a Tijuana bar and being alternatingly frightened by LL’s armpits and the transvestite hookers hustling in the corner.

7:39 Midnattsol “En Natt I Nord”
What the…?  Seriously, what is this, and how did it make it to my iPod? Terrible sound quality.  Absolutely muddy production. There might be a ghost of a cool symphonic metal song in here. Might be. Skip…

7:41. Air “All I Need”
Vibey and totally depressing. It’s early in the morning; too early for something that sounds like this. Skip…

7:43 Islands “Rough Gem”
A relentlessly cheery song that I used to lean on when I was bone-tired after working the overnight shift (12 a.m.-5:30 a.m.) at Q101. Once the sun came up and I had to drive home, I used songs like this as a pick-me-up. 

7:46 I’m at the Harold Washington Library. That’s it for today…

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