Books, movies, music, and more

I’ve spent the past few weeks catching up on books, movies, music, and television.  Here are opinions on a few of the things I’ve consumed, in less than 25 words per item:

“3:10 to Yuma”-My favorite Western movie to date, as well as my favorite Russell Crowe performance ever.

Coldplay “LeftRightLeftRightLeft”-Coldplay issues new challenge to insomniacs with this free live download album.

“Books of Magic” by Gaiman, Bolton, et al.-Neil Gaiman needs to have a legal talk with J.K. Rowling, whose “Potter” debuted years after “Books.”  Loved every bit of this TPB.

Green Day “21st Century Breakdown”-Wait…Is it possible that I never really liked them in the first place?  I sorta like “Peacemaker.”

Dream Theater “A Rite of Passage” (single)-A “single” clocking in at close to nine minutes?  I’m in.  Curious to hear the full-length.

Office “Mecca”-They had me at “Trainwreck DJs.”

“The Office” (T.V. Show)-Two shows to go, and I’ll be current with the just-wrapped season.  “I am not to be truffled with.” 

“Family Secrets” by
 Jeff Coen-An incredibly well-documented book covering the minutia of the trial that brought down the Chicago mob.  Better than fiction.

“30 Rock”-I’m alone in this, but I haven’t found much from this season worth watching or quoting.

Ting Tings-Suck Suck.

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