Hello from Buckhead / Atlanta, GA

I’m writing from the Grand Hyatt on Peachtree Road in the Buckhead area of Atlanta.  It’s beautiful here in Georgia, and I’m proud to say I found my way around both downtown and Buckhead without having to look up a single address. 

I just got back from dinner at a place called Tavern at Phipps, an upscale-looking bar and grill sitting in an upscale-looking mall down the street.  Appearances can be, well…you know.  Tavern at Phipps is, in truth more like a dignified version of Hooters, just with better and more interesting food.  The model-like, all-female waitstaff of Tavern at Phipps doesn’t cheapen itself by wearing orange short-shorts and t-shirts; that wouldn’t be (say it in a nasal tone with me) classy.  Instead, they wear black dresses three sizes too small for their Vivid Video frames.  The entire waitstaff was maybe a size 10 combined.  Now that I’m back in my hotel room, I looked up the restaurant on Yelp.  Here’s what one Yelper had to say:

<<I don’t understand The Tavern at Phipps. I don’t understand why it’s built into a chi chi shopping mall, but seems to cater to married men in town on a business trip…Every man I’ve ever talked to about this restaurant salivates over the waitresses, who are made to dress as if they are one step away from working a pole across town at The Pink Pony. And I don’t know…maybe waitressing at The Tavern at Phipps Plaza is a pre-requisite to working at the Pony…It’s just…I mean, it’s Phipps Plaza. And it’s an upscale looking establishment. I don’t get it. >>

I don’t get it, either, but it seems to be a winning formula.  And my overloaded pound-of-meat “Tavern Burger” was transcendent.  Recommended.  For the right reasons.  And maybe the wrong ones, too.

My hotel is pretty awesome.  It’s the first place I stayed at that has its own zen garden:

It was too chilly this evening for the pool, so I’m using this picture to pretend I took a dip.  Those are my shoes, by the way:

The Atlanta public transit system, MARTA, continues to give me vertigo with its practically perpindicular, mile-long, escalators:

I’m going to watch the rest of “The Spirit” on DVD in a minute.  I lost interest on the plane, so I’m going to try again in my room.  I’m committed to seeing it through.

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