90s in 90 Days #16-Motorhome “You Left the Light On”

90s in 90 Days #16-Motorhome “You Left the Light On”

Cute, shoegazery pop band Motorhome found themselves opening for some of the most buzzworthy bands rolling through Chicago in the mid-90s.  There were many–myself included–who thought that Motorhome would advance to the music industry’s “lightning round,” scoring some sort of ridiculous money and record deal in the process.  Well, at least they got some attention…

On a side note, Motorhome guitarist Josiah Mazzaschi was the person responsible for the often-aired “Local Music Showcase” theme song, a silly, spacey, keyboard intro that went, “It’s the Local Music Showcase with James VanOsdol…on Q101, Alternative Rock Station…”

From Motorhome’s “Sex Vehicle” album, “You Left the Light On.”  Great song, lightning round be damned.


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