90s in 90 Days #17: Peer-to-peer wisdom on the 90s gold rush

90s in 90 Days #17: Peer-to-peer wisdom on the 90s gold rush

In my book, I talk a lot about the days leading up to, and in the wake of, the major label feeding frenzy in Chicago.  Here’s a memorable quote on that topic from Lovehammers frontman Marty Casey, recounting a conversation he had with an ex-major label Chicago musician:

“The original bass player from Veruca Salt (Steve Lack) who now owns a funeral home, he told me in the late 90s ‘the music business ain’t all what it’s cracked up to be. You should enjoy your local status of being able to sell tickets and just enjoy yourself. Getting on the road on a major label, it ain’t all that.’”  


90s in 90 Days

Over the course of 90 days (not consecutive, though I’ll try), I’ll be offering up a capsule look at something about Chicago music from the 90s.  It could be a radio memory.  Thoughts on a song, show, band, or album.  Maybe a review aided by hindsight.  Whatever it is, it’ll be original content just for this site, and not found in my book.  

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