90s in 90 Days #21: The Falling Wallendas, Styx, and “Hey, I went to high school with that guy!”

90s in 90 Days #21:  The Falling Wallendas, Styx, and “Hey, I went to high school with that guy!”

I went to high school with Styx drummer Todd Sucherman.   

It came as no surprise to me when he ended up with the legendary Chicago group.  Back in our teen years, Todd was already a better drummer than most professional touring musicians.
Before he was percussing his way through “Too Much Time on My Hands” for millions, he did lots of session work and played in a sadly overlooked Chicago band called the Falling Wallendas.
Todd says that the Wallendas suffered from the “always the bridesmaid, never the bride” syndrome, “We would see bands that would enjoy success either on a local level or on a national level that were like, ‘Didn’t we do a show with those guys last year?  Holy smokes, they just got signed with such and such label.’”

From their “poppier,” self-titled, album, I wanted to let you hear “A Good Thing.”


90s in 90 Days

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