90s in 90 Days #22: Local Music Showcase playlist #3-the “retro” show with John Haggerty

90s in 90 Days #22:  Local Music Showcase playlist #3-the “retro” show

From my recently-unearthed Local Music Showcase archives, show #3.  This was the first Local Music Showcase to feature a long-form interview guest, guitarist John Haggerty of Naked Raygun and Pegboy.  I billed the show as a “retro” show, which allowed me to play nothing but old stuff.

Haggerty would go on to appear on my show a few more times after that.  He’s the proverbial salt of the earth; a straight-up, hard-working, decent midwestern guy.  

Who also happens to be one of Chicago’s all-time great punk guitarists.  

Artists played on the third LMS, 6/18/95
Naked Raygun
Urge Overkill
Big Black


90s in 90 Days

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