On-the-go “shuffle” playlist

I just pulled out of the Kimball station, heading downtown. To pass the time, I thought I’d again set the iPod on “shuffle,” and briefly discuss what I hear.

7:32 Mastodon “Pendulous Skin” -This is what heroin sounds like. And at 22 minutes, I can’t commit to it this morning. “Next”…

7:35 The Doors “The Changeling” -This is what alcohol and peyote sound like. At just over 4 minutes, I’m happy to commit to this “L.A. Woman” track.

7:40 Sebadoh “Rebound” -Sebadoh was the quintessential indie 90s band. Lou Barlow has a just-a-bit-more-than-spoken word way of singing that sounds especially plaintive here.

7:42 Eleventh Dream Day “Orange Moon” -I remember buying “Ursa Major” from Blackout on Southport not long after its release and hurriedly jamming it into my car’s CD player. EDD emereged from their major label experience with a creative spark and fire, both clearly obvious on this album. “Orange Moon” keeps building and building until there’s not an unbobbed head left in the house.

7:48 Meat Loaf “I’d Do Anything For Love” -I won’t do that. “Next”…

7:48 Marilyn Manson “mOBSCENE” -Imagine a cheerleader squad of Suicide Girls, and you have the chorus line backing up Manson on “mOBSCENE.” I love this. For real.

7:52 Alejandro Escovedo “Castanets” -I heart Alejandro. One of the few lasting rock memories from my brief time at WXRT was having Alejandro play live when I was on the air late at night. “Castanets” just blazes.

7:56 Jimmy Dean “Big Bad John” -At 6’6, 245#, I sure wouldn’t mess with John. Is this country? Not sure. It’s a classic, though.

8:00 Neil Young & Crazy Horse “Opera Star” -I bought “Re-ac-tor” from the cutout bin of Record City in Skokie when I was in junior high; the price was right, and I kinda knew who Neil Young was. I played the vinyl to death, as kids with limited budgets and record collections tended to do. Strong childhood memories always make “Opera Star” jump out of my iPod.

8:03 Urban Dance Squad “Deeper Shade of Soul” -Now this is a groove to lock into for my commute. Forgot about the “Knock on Wood” sample. Nice.

8:07 The Airborne Toxic Event “Sometime Around Midnight” -I feel comfortable saying that this may very well be one of the best singles released in the past five years.

Now approaching Adams…time to jump out into the crushing heat and crushing swell of 9-5ers.

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