90s in 90 Days #41: Fred Armisen remembers Czar Bar

90s in 90 Days #41: Fred Armisen remembers Czar Bar

Trenchmouth was a wildly cool, wildly different, band in the 90s.  These days, they’re more known for the fact that Fred Armisen (of “SNL” fame) was their drummer.

On playing local shows, Armisen remembers, “the gigs at the Czar Bar. If I were to have a snapshot of my favorite thing, it was when we would get onstage and play, and then pack our stuff away and watch the next band play. It was really ideal. It was just so cool.”


90s in 90 Days

Over the course of 90 days (not consecutive, though I’ll try), I’ll be offering up a capsule look at something about Chicago music from the 90s.  It could be a radio memory.  Thoughts on a song, show, band, or album.  Maybe a review aided by hindsight.  Whatever it is, it’ll be original content just for this site, and not found in my book.  

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