“Chicago Rocked”: New incentive this week, and open call for A-Z submissions

In four days, the pledge drive for “Chicago Rocked” will be 33% over.  Pacing’s a bit off (almost at 20%), so I decided to get things moving a bit.  

Here’s what I’m going to do:  

If I can hit 50% by 11:59 p.m. next Monday (7/13), I will create a special, seamless 60-minute mix of 90s Chicago music for BACKERS ONLY (including all who’ve backed the project already). 

Help me hit the halfway goal by Monday and feel good about contributing to a book that needs to be published and read.  There’s a reward structure for contributors already in place–make a donation; get something in return!



I’m also collecting artist names from the era to create the definitive A-Z.  Make sure you’re represented in the book by emailing me your information!




Thanks for your consideration!


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