New Chicago Rocked incentives added to Kickstarter today!

Two new Rewards tiers were made available today on my site.  The first was kindly offered up by my friends at Challengers Comics, the best comic shop in town.  Note that because of the “specialness” of the reward, it’s limited to only 20 people. And though it’s not stated on Kickstarter, contributors at the “Challengers” level also get a copy of the book and a mention in the “Paid Contributors” thank you section.


Pledge $10 or more

JUST ADDED! (7/23/09) Challengers Comics + Conversation will match 50% of each pledge at this reward level with a Challengers Gift Certificate to the backer. For example, if you pledge $100 to Chicago Rocked, you’ll get a $50 Challengers Gift Certificate, issued after 9/16/09, and only if the goal is met.


Pledge $100 or more

(ADDED 7/23/09!) 25 word bio, review, or summary of your favorite 1990s Chicago artist or memory to include in the Paid Contributors “Opinions” section, including name credit. Five random CDs or comic books (state preference, CDs or comics) from my massive personal music and comic libraries. Three copies of the book after publication.

54 DAYS TO GO!  Let’s get this published!

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