90s in 90 Days #58-Rights of the Accused / Riot Fest

90s in 90 Days #58-Rights of the Accused / Riot Fest

Rights of the Accused get the “Riot Fest” reunion treatment this October, which makes me think two things:

1)  Hell yeah!

2) I should talk about RotA here in “90s in 90 Days.”  

Rights of the Accused was a traveling, beer-swilling, carnival. “It was a big party,” drummer Brian St. Clair (now of Local H) says. “There weren’t any worries or cares, really.  (It was) one of those things where you went to shows and played them just for the fun of playing them. It wasn’t really a business. You weren’t really thinking about, ‘How am I going to pay the rent?’ It just happened. Everybodyhad their rock and roll style jobs; we all worked at Wax Trax or Medusa’s at the time.  It was totally care free; a big party, do anything, do everything, all the time.”

In addition to Rights of the Accused, the Riot Fest Chicago line up this year offers up some can’t-miss reunions and bands, including:

88 Fingers Louie

Alkaline Trio

The Arrivals

Butthole Surfers

Naked Raygun

No Empathy



Screeching Weasel


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