To clarify one of the quotes from the AV/Chicago article…

I talk fast when I’m interviewed, and I know I was talking way too fast when Marah Eakin at the Onion/AV Club called me up last week.

There’s one line that’s been bugging me, and only because it makes me sound like I take myself too seriously–which I absolutely do not.

The article reads:

AVC: So, tell an embarrassing story from the 1990s.

JV: I don’t have stories like that from that time, unfortunately. I never got pantsed by David Yow. I’ve done plenty to embarrass myself in music over the years, but nothing around that time. I forced Stabbing Westward to redo an interview after realizing I hadn’t used the reel-to-reel recorder properly, but that’s not a big deal.


To clarify, I’ve done plenty to embarrass myself over the years, both personally and professionally.   Specifically here, I was responding to a question about embarrassing things I did relating to 90s indie rock. While I’m sure there were plenty of incidents in the 90s, none seemed “print-worthy,” or sensational enough, to mention.  

Just so I’ve beat my point to death:   I embarrassed myself plenty throughout the 90s.  But it all pales in comparison to the time when I threw up on a stranger.

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