90s in 90 Days #67: The beginning of Shellac

90s in 90 Days #67-The beginning of Shellac

Shellac played Millennium Park last night, which is both remarkable and remarkably kickass.  

Two years ago, Steve Albini told me about how Shellac came to be, “A lot of these sort of grasping impulses that I saw other bands indulging in, they bothered me. I didn’t want to be part of that milieu.  That reluctance or recalcitrance to be in a band was eventually overcome by the same things that made me want to play music in the first place.  I started informally playing with Todd (Trainer)–just him and me, would just play stuff in a practice room whenever we were in the same town. It was really rewarding; I really liked doing it.  Over the course of a couple of years,we sort of decided that we were gonna try to make a band of it.”


90s in 90 Days

Over the course of 90 days (not consecutive, though I’ll try), I’ll be offering up a capsule look at something about Chicago music from the 90s.  It could be a radio memory.  Thoughts on a song, show, band, or album.  Maybe a review aided by hindsight.  Whatever it is, it’ll be original content just for this site, and not found in my book.  

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