90s in 90 Days #70: Pulsars

90s in 90 Days #70-Pulsars


The Pulsars had the Killers’ shtik down cold long before Brandon Flowers first saw the Brightside of a record company payday.  After courting the attention of a handful of labels, the brothers Trumfio (Dave and Harry) landed on Almo Sounds, who released the band’s self-titled debut.  A second album was recorded, but got shelved as Almo evaporated into nothingness.

One of my favorite 90s memories came from Camp Pulsar.  After my airshift at Q101 had ended one night, I was invited to Dave Trumfio’s Kingsize Soundlabs on Western Avenue to be part of a recording session for a Pulsars song called “The Amateur.”  My off-key voice was part of a group chorus that also included Chicago music hero Jon Langford and other similarly-more talented local luminaries.  I never got to hear the finished song; but then again, no one else did either.

Listening to the Pulsars album with some distance between listens, I find it as still sounding fresh in that “intentionally retro” way.  While there were plenty of better songs on the disc (“Submission Song,” most obviously), the label led with “Tunnel Song” for a first single.  At least the boys got a video out of the deal:





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