On-the-go Shuffle Analysis, 8/25/09

I’ve been driving to work too often, and my wallet’s begged me for mercy from the cost-ineffective downtown garage rates.

So, here I am on the brown line, passing time with another round of snap-judgment iPod shuffle analysis.

REO Speedwagon “Golden Country”
-REO’s a shit sandwich on a dirty plate. “Golden Country” is almost enough to redeem them, but I can’t do the full six minutes this morning. As the song says, “the time has come for you my friend.”  Next.

Shriekback “Lined Up” –
Underrated and mostly unknown, Shriekback is a chilly, rhythmic cool. On a related note, I wish I could find their long out-of-print “Big Night Music” album. My vinyl copy didn’t make it to the 21st century.

Stephen Malkmus “Sheets” –
Malkmus’ music (Pavement included) sounds just plain irritating if heard before noon. Somebody give me a melody, please. Skip.

Naked Raygun “Treason”
-My summer’s been spent making the case for Chicago music from the 90s. This song makes the case for Chicago music from the 80s. As good as it gets.

Killswitch Engage “I Would Do Anything”
-My first time hearing this; I just loaded the s/t album into my iPod on Sunday. Pretty much what I’d expected. Big fist-pumping riffs, screams, growls, and a hook. Not awful.

Waco Brothers “Pigsville”
-Have you ever been to Pigsville, honey? 75 seconds of Jon Langford’s taunting explodes into classic Wacos.

The Decemberists “The Rake Song”
– I want to like a song that has homonym fun with “wedded” and “whetted,” but…

Glen Campbell “Rhinestone Cowboy”
-Fucking kill me. I’m out.

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