On-the-go Shuffle Analysis, 8/27/09

Back on the brown line this morning, killing time by kicking up snap judgments on the songs cycling through my iPod.

7:20 Aerosmith “Dulcimer Stomp/The Other Side” – “Pump” was an awkward middle child, stuck between the tits-on-fire magnificence of 70s Aerosmith and the mighty-have-fallen schmaltz of the 90s. Best song from “Pump,” by far.

7:25 1984-02 –Whoops. Part 2 of an audiobook adaptation of Orwell’s masterpiece. We shall meet in the place where there is no darkness…


7:27 The Geraldine Fibbers “Dragon Lady” – Predictable quiet-to-loud, indie-sounding, major label alt rock from the 90s. This song endures in my iTunes because singer Carla Bozulich absolutely rages with a dark and commanding authenticity.

7:32 Franz Ferdinand “Dream Again” – Tedious (awful?) throwaway track from their “Tonight:” album.

7:35 Boston “Smokin” – What if…and come with me here…what if that first Boston album is actually awesome, and we as a snarky society were wrong? Sorry about the hair jokes, Sib, it was all in fun.

7:39 Paperlace “The Night Chicago Died” – I remember this one from my very early youth, sitting in the backseat of my parents’ car, listening to AM radio. My love affair with stories of Chicago crime may well have started here.

7:42 Murder by Death “Comin’ Home” – I forgot I downloaded this. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds meet the Handsome Family in a bordertown cantina and proceed to start a mezcal-fueled barfight with some of the locals.

7:46 AC/DC “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” – No band, Beatles included, has an unblemished musical record from first rehearsal-break up. There are, however, eras and runs from many bands that are fairly untouchable. To wit: Led Zeppelin 1971-1975, U2 1987-1991, Radiohead 1995-2001 (or so I’m told). The Bon Scott era of AC/DC, ending with the singer’s death in 2/80, is one of those untouchable runs.

…and I’m now approaching the HW Library. Time to bail!

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