90s in 90 Days #85: The Essential Jesus Lizard

90s in 90 Days #85: The Essential Jesus Lizard

As time goes on, and the curious can take a look from a safe distance, the legacy of the Jesus Lizard continues to grow.  There will never again be a band as abrasive, as technically on-point, or as unpredictable.  They were absolutely one of the most important Chicago bands of the 1990s, and certainly one of (if not the) best.

Here, then, are 10 must-owns from the band, in handy alphabetical order:

Boilermaker (Liar)

Destroy Before Reading (Down)

Glamorous (Lash)

Gladiator (Liar)

Horse (Down)

Mailman (Shot)–sorry, I love this one.

Monkey Trick (Goat)

Puss (Liar)

Then Comes Dudley (Goat)

Tight ‘N Shiny (Head/Pure)



90s in 90 Days

Over the course of 90 days (not consecutive, though I’ll try), I’ll be offering up a capsule look at something about Chicago music from the 90s. It could be a radio memory. Thoughts on a song, show, band, or album. Maybe a review aided by hindsight. Whatever it is, it’ll be original content just for this site, and not found in my book.

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