Chicago Rocked: Four. Days. Left.

Minutes ago, I posted the following “status update” on Facebook:

James VanOsdol 

says “Hello, Facebook friend. The 90-day fundraising window for my book is almost closed; in four days I’ll know whether I’ll be able to publish it or not. Please share the details with your friends, enemies, frenemies, and acquaintances.”  Thanks. I heart you in that passive, online, social networky way.

Four days left.  Jesus pogosticking Christ, we’re almost at the finish line.  Will the book get published?  If pledge activity stops, the simple answer is “no.”  But there’s no reason for it to stop, and every reason for it to accelerate.

I’m not looking for a sugar daddy.  I’m not looking for a Chicago music VC to pick up the rest of the tab.  I’m looking for people who buy into the concept of the book to pledge what they can.  It can be one dollar…five dollars…whatever feels appropriate.  With enough motivated believers, this book will hit its goal early on Tuesday morning, and will get published.
I have dozens of friends who haven’t pledged anything yet (I’m not naming names, but c’mon, guys).  There are hundreds more from the music community past and present.  I’d like to believe there are hundreds more beyond that:  Fans of Chicago’s art scene, fans of local music, fans of popular music, people who used to listen to my “Local 101” broadcasts, and so on.
They’re all waiting for someone else to make a move, but the proverbial “go” time is now.  This is “Chicago Rocked”s Darwin moment. For it to evolve into an actual book, I need the help of the community to make it happen.  
Help me.  Be part of this project.  Pledge a couple bucks, and tell your friends.
Nothing gets collected unless the goal is hit.  But I’m determined to see that it is.
Thanks for reading.  Wish me luck!
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