FAIL: Chicago Rocked

Well, you can’t say I didn’t try.

After 90 days, my efforts to generate the funds needed to self-publish “Chicago Rocked” have failed.  Ignoring disappointment for the sake of this post, I want to acknowledge what was great about the the past 90 days.

139 people pledged $10,294 to “Chicago Rocked.”  That’s 139 people who put their faith into any possible number of the following things: me as a person or writer, the subject matter of the book, or the concept of crowdfunding an artistic vision.  Family, friends old and new, work colleagues, and absolute strangers were kind enough to open their accounts to the idea of making “Chicago Rocked” a reality.  It’s humbling to have generated that type of response.  A most sincere thanks to one and all.

What was especially heartening was discovering that people I hadn’t talked to since high school, college, and early adulthood were pledging.  If nothing else was accomplished with this exercise, I got to reconnect with some really great people.  

To get the word out, I got some generous (and needed) assistance from new and old media.  In no particular order, thanks to the following for giving me airtime, column inches, or online exposure:

Local 101/Q101-Chris Payne, Jaime Black
Challengers Comics-Patrick Brower and Dal Bush Cross, Ira Haberman
Gapers Block-Brian Leli, Andrew Huff
Avoision-Felix Jung
Keeping Score in Chicago-Fook & Konkol
Chicagoland Radio and Media-Larz
All Access-Shawn Alexander
Illinois Entertainer-Cara Jepsen
Metal Deli-Kimmi
The Onion/AV Club-Marah Eakin
WBEZ/Eight Forty-Eight-Joe DeCeault
Outside the Loop-Mike Stephen
Kinetic Vineyard-Alisa Robards
WXRX-Stone & Double T

Thanks also to artists and individuals who posted to their websites, Facebook, and Twitter, in an attempt to spread the word.  As it was with pledges, the assists came from names both familiar and completely unknown to me.  It was an honor to see so many take up the cause. 

Thank you for your interest and attention as I tried to turn my manuscript into something real and tangible.  I learned a lot from the experience, and am absolutely the better for it.

James VanOsdol
September, 2009


As for the fate of the book, I’ll address that in greater detail at a later date.  The simple headline, sad to say:  It’s over.

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