What’s next? The “Chicago Rocked” post-mortem

Two days after the Chicago Rocked implosion (at least my book followed a similar trajectory to the bands featured in it), I suddenly find myself with a lot of free time.  I should learn to knit…or collect stamps…something.  I’ve got comic books covered, thanks.

I’ll be wandering into my living room in a minute or two to watch tonight’s “The Office” premiere on Hulu.  As for my nights moving forward, I’ll probably take some time to not think about writing at all.  Then I’ll jump back in blog-first, eventually working towards a new project.  I’ve got ideas.  A fair amount of them suck.  Some don’t.  I’ll likely try the ones that suck first.  That’s just how I roll.
“Chicago Rocked” remains on a shelf.  The book’s not dead, per se, but it’s definitely not well enough to walk unaided or bathe itself.  

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