I stayed home sick from work yesterday.  Man vs. stomach:  Stomach wins.

I spent the morning on the couch, watching bad television, reading comic books, and eating Ritz crackers.  Nothing.  Then, around 2 p.m., I crawled into bed for a deep, profound, nap.  I remember thinking to myself while dreaming, “I am seriously asleep here.”  I really was. Only a home invasion carried out by machine gun-toting jungle rebels would’ve pulled me out of it.
When I woke up closer to 4, I felt refreshed.  Much better.  Like a million bucks (or twenty bucks, to acknowledge the current economy). The nap solved everything.  No surprise there, naps usually do.
Countries like Spain and Greece have it all figured out.  There, citizens participate in siesta, or short nap, after lunch.  Sure, their workdays are longer because of it, but fuck it, they get to nap.
I woke up at 5:30 this morning, a victim of circumstance and over-eager children.  Later this morning, I’ll be heading to Q101 for the 12-4 p.m. shift.  The clock is my enemy today; there will be no nap.
We hear in the news about all the so-called “problems” that face us:  A nuclear Iran, H1N1, health care, and so on.  The biggest problem–the one you’ll never hear Wolf Blitzer talk about–is that we all could use a little more rest.  And with that in mind, my fellow Americans, napping and the need for more rest is the platform I’ll be running on in 2012.  
…if we’re not wiped out by a horrible viral or nuclear catastrophe before then.
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