Meat Cube

From Mental Floss‘s 10 Secret Menu Items at Fast Food Restaurants:

<<If you’re at Wendy’s and you’re really hungry — like, three-patties-just-won’t-cut-it hungry — go ahead and order the Grand Slam, which is four patties stacked on a bun. This option is only available at select Wendy’s, and it’s also known as the Meat Cube>>

The Meat Cube.  
Say it with me; slowly and without smirking.  

The Meat Cube.  It’s such an enticing concept that knowledge of its existence has practically consumed me since I first learned of it.  Like the Rubik’s Cube decades before, I must throw all I have into this enigmatic, sharp-cornered, miniature masterpiece.  

The Meat Cube.  Like the Cosmic Cube from Captain America comics in the 1960s, the potential for it to do immeasurable good is matched only by its potential to do irreparable harm.

The Meat Cube.  Oh, how I hope that my local Wendy’s is one of the “select” outlets.  

The Meat Cube.


Proof of the Meat Cube, a.k.a. “Grand Slam”:

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