Good morning, Midway

I just arrived at Midway for a morning flight to Bob Hope, the Burbank, CA airport.

Every time I fly out of Midway, I wonder why I even consider O’Hare at all. There’s less congestion at Midway, flights are more consistent in departing and arriving on-time (at least that’s been my experience), and the main parking garage is easy to get in and out of.

What’s more, Midway has gone to great lengths to feel more “Chicago” than its larger counterpart. I’m sitting at Manny’s Deli, just a stone’s throw away from Tuscany and the Chicago House of Blues kiosk. Elsewhere in the airport are Chicago favorites Millers Pub, Potbelly, and Lalo’s. Sure, O’Hare has Nuts on Clark and Barbara’s Bookstore, and for all I know, the local business ratio at O’Hare is higher than Midway’s. Perception is everything, though, and I perceive MDW to be quintessential Chi-cah’-go.

Right now, I’m getting everything organizied in my carry-on bag for easy access on the fIight. Today, I brought “State of Play” and “Quarantine” for my portable DVD player and “Patient Zero” (Jonathan Maberry), Trinity v2 (tpb), and Young Avengers v2 (tpb) to read. Even with all that distraction, I’ll probably still be antsy and fidgety for the duration.

There aren’t any direct flights from Chicago to Burbank, so I have a stopover in Vegas. I don’t think I have enough time for hookers and gambling, but you never know…

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