An on-the-go shuffle analysis

I’m on the brown line at Rockwell, headed downtown. Here’s another off-the-cuff dissection of what pops up on my iPod during my commute:

7:29 Led Zeppelin “In the Light”-Way more compatible with drugs than a coffee-fueled trip to the office. Still, a nice, dreamy, eight-minute beginning to my day.

7:37 The Red Rockers “China”-For years, I couldn’t understand the disconnect between this band and Sammy Hagar. As for this song: Too retro, too dated. They’d be executed for playing stuff like this in China. While their families were made to watch.

7:41 Felix Da Housecat “Silver Screen Shower Scene”-“Kittenz and Thee Glitz” may well be one of my favorite albums of the decade; I was full on board with electroclash for the one hot minute when it was a buzzword. Chilly technology with disaffected European female vocals? Gets me every time. I’ve since had to settle for Metric, but I’m not happy about it.

7:45 X “Burning House of Love”-
History will be kind to X. John Doe’s grizzled voice smoothing out for the breakdown at around 2:18 has me totally in thrall right now.

7:50 Rockin’ Dopsie “Mardi Gras in New Orleans”-I have more zydeco and N.O. R&B on my iPod than I rightfully should. Not in the mood to hear about the Zulu Queen this morning. Skip…

7:52 The Thermals “I Called Out Your Name”-Fuck you, indie rock. Skip.

7:53 Deep Purple “Space Truckin”-Aaaaah, there we go. Sometimes all a midwestern boy needs first thing in the morning is some tried-and-true classic rawk. Those Jon Lord keyboards. The Gillan throatshredding. Happy.

7:58 Bad Religion “Punk Rock Song”-I think Bad Religion lost the script around the time of “The Gray Race.” Here’s proof.

8:00 Catherine “Songs About Girls”-One of Chicago’s great almost-rans from the 90s. I’ve always loved this song but hated the way it was recorded.

8:03 I’m at Quincy. Time to think about detraining.
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