iTunes 9: FAIL

I haven’t enjoyed music at home ever since I upgraded to iTunes 9. 

The second I start to click around the application, I’m met with a rotating color ball that just spins…and spins…and spins.  That inevitably leads to me clicking Control-Apple-Reset (I’m on a Mac), and a resulting dialog window that says iTunes is “Not Responding.” 

I’ll then try to force exit the program.  In most instances, by the time I exit out, the rotating color ball prevents me from doing anything else on my desktop, including clicking on “Restart.”    I then do a hard shut down of the computer and reboot.  Every time I do that, my external drive goes missing from my desktop (the fix for that appears to be disconnect from the external drive, unplug, replug, reconnect).  My stubbornness coupled with desire to use iTunes finds me repeating this process over and over.  Hello, Sisyphus?  It’s iTunes 9.  Thanks for playing along.

I’ve tried to eliminate all traces of iTunes 9 from my computer and then reinstall version 8.  No matter what I do, and I’ve gutted every preference and plist I can find, iTunes 8 won’t “take” because hints of the newer version lurk deep in the silicon bowels of my computer.

So, I give up.  I’m done.  Out.  Good night, nurse.  I went years without music on my computer in the 90s.  Shit, I went years without a computer in the 90s.  Until I can figure this out, or some magic bug fix is implemented, I just won’t use or think about iTunes.

And Apple’s supposed to be the easy-to-use technology company.

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