The Top Five Best Horror Heroes and Villains in Comics

To celebrate Halloween and my unabashed love for comic books, I offer my take on…


1.  John Constantine, Hellblazer-His blood’s tainted with a demon’s blood.  He’s had sex with a succubus, and more run-ins with spooks, spectres, andthe dregs of humanity than any other comic book character.  The hard-living, sarcastic, Constantine defines horror comic (anti-) heroism.

2.  Ragman-He wears a suit of patches which individually represent the corrupted souls of evildoers, and calls upon the physical powers of those souls (rapists, serial killers) to fight crime.  Sigh.  I’m sure all Ragman really wants is the chance to wear spandex like all the other guys.  

3.  Nightmare-Long before Freddy Krueger haunted innocents deep in REM sleep, this Doctor Strange baddie and Class Three demon prowled the Dreamscape, tormenting–and sometimes trapping–mortals in his realm. 

4.  Victor Zsasz-Forget the Joker; Zsasz is the absolute creepiest bad guy in Batman’s rogues gallery.  The nihilistic serial killer carves a notch on his body for every person he kills.  Worse, there’s not a whole lot of unscarred skin left.

5.  Morbius-Biochemicist Michael Morbius found a way to cure his rare blood disorder.  Problem was, the cure made him a vampire (kinda makes H1N1 vaccine concerns seem kinda silly, doesn’t it, Billy Corgan?).  Technically, I suppose he’s a hero, but it’s hard to hold yourself up to Avengers-like standards when you constantly crave the taste of human blood.


Etrigan the Demon-My friend Patrick was quick to remind me that Etrigan the Demon deserved to be on this list.  While he’s absolutely right, I didn’t want to overuse Etrigan in my blog; he already made my MOST METAL SUPERHEROES list.

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