Hardware Heartache

My computer broke me, Turkish prison-style, over the past month or so.  The problems I was experiencing were such that I didn’t even want to use it for work or recreation.  Most frustrating of my issues,  I couldn’t play music.  Whenever I opened up the all-new, all-exciting, iTunes 9, the application became unresponsive, which would lead to the freezing up of everything else that was open on my desktop, and me having to do a manual reboot.

I blamed iTunes 9; how could I not?  I decided that the reason it wasn’t working was because my Mac’s OS wasn’t as current as it should be, so I did a full version upgrade.  And the problems persisted. 

After a lot of head scratching, hair-pulling, and unique pairings of swear words, I deduced that my external terabyte drive might be the problem.  It would routinely flicker on and off my desktop, and almost never appear on the desktop after a reboot.  I bought a new firewire cable, thinking that a simple cable would solve everything.




On a whim, I hooked up the external drive to a friend’s computer, which crashed everything she had open on it.  Culprit confirmed:  the root of all my woes is the external drive.  That drive has all of my music and home movies on it.  That drive has been the end location for my ongoing CD library digitization and storage.  That drive now scares the bejesus out of me. 

I need to find a way to go in and rescue those innocent little files and then relocate them to a safe house.  Problem is, I don’t know where to start.

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