Cash for Clunkers

I’m sitting on my Sacramento hotel room, listening to my iPod when I should be sleeping. 

Some of the songs that are bouncing into the “shuffle” have been pretty exciting to hear tonight, the most thrilling of which was “Candy-O,” by the Cars.  Listening to it compelled me to post this on Twitter:

<<jamesvanosdol  Still awake in Sacramento (c’mon, it’s only 12 a.m. in CA). I’ve come to the conclusion that my life’s dream is to front a Cars cover band. >>

In truth, my life’s ambitions are a little more grand than that, but there’s a private part of me that would love to lead a Cars cover band.  Sure, I can’t sing, but I’m not convinced that Ric Ocasek could either.  Maybe this is my version of a midlife crisis.  I can’t hear a song like “Candy-O” (or “Panorama,” or “Dangerous Type”) and not sing along. 

I’ve even come up with my Cars cover band name: Cash for Clunkers…a name as timely as last July’s headlines.

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