Good afternoon, Sacramento

I’m sitting in a restaurant at the Sacramento airport (SMF), enjoying a reuben sandwich and free wi-fi, awaiting my trip back home.

The airport is quiet, probably the sleepiest International port I’ve been through since I started traveling for business.  The municipal aiport in Mobile, Alabama feels like downtown Tokyo by comparison.  To wit: I was the only person in the TSA line…just me. I took my sweet-ass  time de-shoeing and unloading my laptop and DVD player on to the conveyor belt.

Last night, I had dinner in the “Old Sac” (um, giggle giggle) area.  Some (new) friends took me to an authentic Mexican restaurant called Centro which made me happy for a pretty basic reason: tender pork shoulder and black beans.  Oh, and freshly made guac.  And for those who like this sort of thing, 160 different tequilas.  And the company was outstanding, too.

I’m getting my bag (‘New Sac”) ready for the flight.  I’m giving “True Blood” a try–I’ve loaded the first 3 episoded into my iPod.  I also aim to finish the new Dan Brown book on this flight.  If time permits, I also have “Drag Me to Hell,” “No Country for Old Men,” and “I Love You Man” on DVD.  The flights from the west coast to Chicago ain’t short.

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