Hey sugar…wanna date?

I live most of my life digitally.  I didn’t go to my high school reunion, but I did make awkward small talk with former classmates on Facebook.  I play Scrabble and poker all the time, only I do so from my desktop and not with real people.  I have long since given up on vinyl and CDs, readily embracing the (ongoing) digitization of my music library.  Given the way I generally live, It would serve to reason that I, like everyone else I know, would keep my calendar organized via Outlook or some similar digital calendar. 

Can’t do it.

As long as I can remember, I’ve had a datebook.  I like carrying it around…writing stuff into it…and keeping myself organized with my own hand-crafted reminders.  When I “pencil in” a date, friends and co-workers look at me like I’m carving the details into a stone tablet. 

Over lunch today, I walked over to Barnes & Noble to buy my 2010 datebook.  Gotta be ready for the new year.

(Pictured:  2009 datebook, the new 2010 datebook, and a Luche Libre wrestler).

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