Well, the much-hyped and feared Snowmageddon didn’t decimate our city with waves of snow last night.

I suppose I should be relieved, but there’s a part of me that had already made the emotional commitment to bravely face–and survive–the storm.

I made sure to bring all my work stuff home with me last night. Notebook? Check. Laptop? Yup. Old-school 2009 and 2010 datebooks? Of course. I was ready to turn my home office into a fully functioning virtual extension of the physical cube I occupy from 9-5, Monday-Friday.

And groceries…can’t forget groceries. A Dominick’s trip last night guaranteed enough soup, sandwiches, and toilet paper to get me through until the streets were again driveable.

All that preparation, and steeling myself for the worse, and here I am on the Brown Line, racing past puddle-covered rooftops. Puddle, as in rain. Not snow.

And certainly not SNOWMAGEDDON.

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