The scariest movie ever made?

I follow Roger Ebert on Twitter. He’s easily one of the more active and interesting 140 character-spewing denizens of the Twitterverse, and someone well worth following.


I was curious yesterday when he referred to “Collapse,” a movie I’d never heard of, as the scariest movie ever made.  Having been burned by “Paranormal Activity,” I had to click over to his site to read more.


Turns out, “Collapse” is a documentary, whose sell line is “It’s happened to every great civilization.” 


Paraphrasing the synopsis, “Collapse” is an extended dialog with independent reporter Michael Ruppert; who, through the course of the film, spells out how our society is stampeding towards certain (if not immediate) apocalypse. 


The trailer intrigued me to the point that I wanted to go home and instantly watch it On Demand.  By the time I actually got home, I decided I was freaked out enough by its concept that I didn’t want to see it. In other words, I opted to take the Matrix blue pill.


Have you seen it?  Is it crackpot theory?  Legit?  Should we be scared…very, very scared?



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