iSlate-The Everything Killer

I’ve been keeping an eye on the ongoing discussions about the much-rumored “iSlate” (iTab?), which Apple allegedly plans to announce at the end of this month.

Equal parts iPhone, iPod, laptop, and Kindle, the iSlate would effectively replace everything…everything…electronic that I currently use.  At a bare minimum, it would make consolidating all my travel carry-ons a breeze.
Here’s a smattering of very recent articles:
The worst rumor/news I’ve read so far is the suggested price, somewhere between $800 and $1000.  “Everything Killer” or no, this isn’t the sort of thing one purchases on impulse; it’s an investment.  
Start saving now.
On a related note, with the suggestion of Apple getting into the e-reader game, here’s an article welcoming publishing to the world of digital piracy.
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